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Obama Girl


"I Like a Boy" 

This song is a salute to U.S. Troops who serve overseas and at home, and the people who love them. Made in conjunction with the IAVA.org and BarelyPolitical.com. All proceeds benefited Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (www.IAVA.org)

Songwriting and vocals: Leah Kauffman. Music produced by: Rick Friedrich


"Save your energy" 

We worked with start ups Climate Culture and SmartPower to launch America’s Greenest Campus contest. The contest tracks the carbon footprint of each person in a participating university’s community. The schools with the lowest carbon footprints can earn up to $20,000 to promote green initiatives.

Obama Girl ‘sings’ a song, “Save Your Energy,” (actually, Leah Kauffman sings it just as she sang the original Obama Girl video) that talks about ways to save energy... the choreography, lyrics, and music are all well-done.

Social media is clearly at work here in the creation and promotion of this contest. Climate Control is a great example of a green social media technology that depends on community features and spreading the word. The “Save Your Energy” Obama Girl video is a smart and sensible use of a popular web celebrity to get more people to participate in the contest. They even have Russell Simmons on board to spread the word.
— Mashable

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