‘Real’ Obama Girl still has a crush

Daily Mail:

‘Obama Girl’ is back with new music video about how she’s ‘Still Got A Crush On Obama’ (but she left out the bikinis this time)

Huffington Post:

Obama Girl ‘Still Got A Crush’ On The President In New Music Hit From Leah Kauffman

Obama Girl Is Back: SOPA Attack From Leah Kauffman, ‘I’ve Got A Crush On Obama’ Writer


New ‘Firewall’ song protests SOPA copyright bill (Q&A)

Technically Philly:

‘Firewall:’ the anti-SOPA music video from meme maker Leah Kauffman

Shop Talk: Leah Kauffman on Phrequency Redesign 

Talkadelphia Podcast:

Episode 52: Leah R. Kauffman

Philly Love Notes:

Favorite Spot: US Post Office Building

Temple University News:

Introducing Leah Kauffman 

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