About Leah Kauffman


Leah Kauffman is a media executive living in beautiful Philadelphia.

Leah found her start in digital media during college, writing and singing in three very popular music videos: “My Box in a Box,” “I Got a Crush on Obama” and “I Like a Boy” featuring MIMS.

She graduated from Temple University in 2008 with a B.A., in Journalism.

Later that year, Leah launched Phrequency.com (Philadelphia Media Network), a Philly-based online lifestyle publication with a focus on music, art and fashion. In addition to overseeing all Phrequency-related content and marketing,  Leah took on a product management and development role at Philadelphia Media Network, where her portfolio included The Onion and several hyperlocal initiatives.

In 2012, Leah became Executive Entertainment Lifestyle Producer of Philly.com, the regions largest digital news and entertainment portal.

In June 0f 2014, Leah left Philly.com to launch PhillyVoice.com, a digital media publisher in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region.

After spending nearly ten years in the newsroom, Leah decided to leave the journalism world for an opportunity to build a content team at University City adtech company 50onRed, where she is the Director of Content Strategy.

In her spare time, Leah interviews successful female entrepreneurs for her website Rad-Girls.com, a storytelling platform for inspiring professional women.

Leah has been included in Philly Magazine’s ‘76 People to Watch’, was #66 on Blender’s Hot List, and MSN named the “Obama Girl” as one of 11 Most Influential Women in the world.

One thought on “About Leah Kauffman

  1. Hey Leah,
    We meet at the Ritual Ritual 3 year anniversary party (I was the dummy with the camera). I just wanted to say nice work figuring out who went crazy on the ESPO mural. Thats one of my favorite pieces of public art, and I’m very thankful that it’ll be put right now. I hope this wasn’t all an ESPO stunt because he wanted to repaint it hahah. I doubt it… but hes a trickster. Anyway, Thank you.


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